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Commission info

Hello everyone! Here are some steps to do a commission with me:1. Contact me!: through Instagram DM or email2. Let me assist you: let me know what you're expecting for me to draw and your references.3. Deposit: Pay through paypal the amount of deposit needed (the amount will be announced after the references were given).4. Revisions: After the sketch has been colored, it's time for revision! You can let me know what needs to be improved from the commission(1)5. Full payment: After the sketch revisions has been done, you can pay the full amount of the commission before continuing to the coloring step!6. Revisions and finishing: After the colored commission has been revised, you can send me your email and I will send you the commissions result!❤❤(1)Maximum revision given are three times, any additional charges will be given for extra revisionsNote: Costumers who are unable to be contacted prior to 3 weeks after sketch were given will be considered as completed, thus deposits will not be returned, and commission will be discontinued.


Commissions price list:

- price may differ according to difficulties, additional designs or revisions.
- price listed are for non-commercial purposes only.